Farmer's Daughter Haugerud Reaps Riches on Drought-Struck Corn

For three excruciating weeks in May, Renee Haugerud, the founder of New York hedge fund Galtere Ltd., agonized that her wager on corn was a massive mistake... Read more

Galtere was founded in 1997 by Renee Haugerud, a commodity trading veteran of over 30 years. Galtere’s flagship strategy distinguishes itself from pure commodity strategies and from traditional global macro strategies by blending elements of both. By looking through the commodity lens, Renee and the investment team approach markets from a distinctive standpoint, and are keenly aware of how commodity fundamentals can influence other asset classes. Typically, commodities make up the bulk of the portfolio, with the next largest exposure in foreign exchange, followed by fixed income and equity trades. Combining the discretionary theme-based investment selection (see investment strategies) with Galtere’s proprietary technical process for pricing and risk management, the returns have a very low correlation to most asset classes while offering low volatility.

The Galtere philosophy is particularly forward-looking – an important component of the “art” of trading – while incorporating proper historical perspective, or the “science” of trading. We feel that this hybrid view of global opportunities is an integral part of our continual success as an investment manager.

Headquartered in St. Thomas, the firm also maintains a presence in NY and the Midwest.  We are able to monitor physical production across key agricultural markets in the Midwest region.  The Galtere Research And Development Center in Minnesota is available to provide interested parties with a tangible knowledge of how our ideas are sourced, tested, and developed.